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We ARE a Predictive marketing platform

Attract Ideal Customers & Increase Your Return on Ad Spend

Turn your first-party data into rocket-fuel for growth

Increase ROAS and Lower CAC

Zelisk is a AI-based and privacy-conscious website visitor and inbound lead scoring platform that helps you scale and optimize your marketing and sales funnels

Works Best for Companies with

Long Sales Cycle

companies with actual sales happening weeks and months after showing initial interest e.g. insurance, real estate, car purchase

Offline Conversion

companies operating in both online and physical spaces where customer experience happens across online and offline channels

Large Transaction

frequently engage in substantial and frequent financial exchanges such as investment banks and automobile manufacturers

Automatic marketing reports for your business

Streamline business insights with our automated marketing reports

Optimize for sales not leads

Enhance profitability by optimizing for effective conversion funnels, not just lead

How it Works

Audience Reserach

Precise insights from thorough audience research

Data Collection

Strategic data collection fuels targeted campaigns for effective digital marketing outcomes

Campaign Optimization

refine marketing campaigns for optimal performance and audience engagement

Performance Tracking

Refine strategies, boost ROI through continuous campaign optimization in digital marketing platforms

Connect Data Sources

Connect your online and offline data sources and track them through your CRM pipelines

Generate Leads

Strategically generate quality leads for higher digital advertisement and marketing conversion rates

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